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Satterlee Bone Saw

Art No#: TS-028

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There are a variety of orthopedic instruments which are used by surgeons when caring for their patients. Orthopedic saw instrument having an edge of sharp, tooth like projections, for dividing bone, cartilage, or plaster; edges may be attached to a rigid band, a flexible wire or chain, ora motorized oscillator. Orthopedic instruments consists of caring and treating bones which are part of the body and which become injured. The medical specialist such as orthopedist or orthopedic surgeon are providing services to their patient through surgery by Orthopedic instruments and technical supports. Since orthopedics deals with different conditions of bones, included in the orthopedic instruments are tools for correcting bone fractures etc. or that help in dealing with bones in other surgeries. Tetra surgical manufacture and supplying a full range of Orthopedic instruments. Our Orthopedic instruments are widely used by the surgeons because they are made from high quality stainless steel and can be easily sterilized. we are paying our best efforts which meets the same quality standards of all orthopedic instruments as needed. Satterlee bone saw manufacturers, satterle saw suppliers.