What products are available in my country?

Tetra Surgical serves throughout the world comprising Asia, Europe, South America and North America.

Here is a list of Products available in Europe, Canada and China. To find out what products are available in other countries please email us at or call us at +92 315-2006-980.



What if I am not completely satisfied with a product or service?

At Tetra Surgical, we continuously evaluate our products and services. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. If you are dissatisfied with a product for any reason, please call Customer Service using one of the phone numbers listed at the top of this page. They will assist you in submitting a formal complaint.

We will contact you within two (2) business days of receipt of your complaint.


How do I find out if a product contains latex?

We recognize that latex sensitivity is a health concern. Wherever possible, we have taken every available steps to remove natural latex rubber from our medical devices. 

At Tetra Surgical, it is our mission to furnish clinically beneficial products that enable physicians to provide increasingly more efficient and effective health care to patients.


How do I get a sales representative to visit my office?

If you know the product that interests you, you can visit our Contact us page and send us a direct message. Alternately, you can call our Customer Service department at one of the phone numbers listed at the top of this page to arrange for a visit. 


Why should one choose Tetra Surgical over others?

Tetra surgical is manufacturing quality products as per ISO 9001. We have been serving the medical industry from 1980.

Tetra surgical has been working with its leading foreign clients. We are continually working for development of new products and has provided manufacturing services for innovations in the field of medical industry.